Sunday, March 29, 2009

Family Update

It's been a while since I've posted anything about our family, so here's a quick little update...

First, our "farm" news: ChiChi has 4 puppies born the first week of March. They are C U T E! Big fur balls & already showing their character. Just 3 days after the puppies were born, Fanny had 3 kittens! They are well hidden so we don't see as much of them. Upon investigation, it has been discovered that there is a grey, a calico & what we call a "Princess Kitty" (a grey tabby). All are spoken for & we will most likely keep one of the puppies. I am in hopes of keeping the vet in business after the babies are all weaned & gone so that this is our last sets of "broods"!

Ok, onto the boys...
Stephen is heavy into his guitar these days & also playing soccer with his dad. School is, well, it's there, trying to end the year on a high note.
David is also playing guitar, but is not as excited about it. He's very much into his social life at school & keeping everyone wondering what he'll do or say next!
Casey is seeking career opportunities. He's applied & is waiting for a position at the Terre Haute Federal Penitentiary as a guard, among others. He figures everyone will call at once. His commitment with the IL National Guard was up in November & he chose not to re-inlist. He's considering future family plans :)

Now for Willem & I...
Willem is busy as always. If it's not soccer it's something with the ministry work. Seems like we're always doing for others, but, that is what we're here for & that's what completes us & allows us to be the hands & feet of Jesus to others.
Many come through our guest house that we are ministering to with the tools that God has given to us. Those I enjoy most are other long-term in country missionaries. Just this week we had someone from the south stay the night. The public power was on so I rushed her into the bathroom to take a running HOT (actual) shower w/a new puff scrubber & some bath goodies that smelled good. She was blessed! Afterwards we all enjoyed a meal together. She commented that it was the best she'd had since leaving Canada over 8 months ago, living mostly on the same diet that the children in the orphanage that her & her husband are working in, simple rice & beans. Praise God for all of you who come & leave things blesses many! We love to share what we have with others!

Next week will be a big one for me. I will be teaching children grades PreK-6 about Jesus! The boys' English speaking Christian school is having their annual read-a-thon & I've been heavily involved for the last 4 years. Please pray for me as I encourage the children to consider how they are living for Jesus. Are they putting away the things of their "old man"? Are they putting on the new clothes that have Jesus' name on them? Are they prepared to run the race & read their way into heaven, bringing with them others that are around them? I am excited about this opportunity to share with these children! Hopefully I'll have some pictures to share with you.

God bless each of you & we thank you for your prayers & support of our family!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Gods' Hand of Protection...

We are currently hosting a 12 member work team from Iowa, an adopting parent & her father from IL & a close friend from IN in our now guesthouse. Last night the adopting mom wanted to bake a cake for her boys' birthday. They thought the oven was on, well, after 10 minutes we discovered that the gas was on but the pilot wasn't lit. I turned the gas off & opened the door for about 5 minutes to let it air out & then I put a match to the pilot as I turned the gas back on. As I did, the collected propane gas in the bottom of the oven blew up (& out!) in my face! The double burner grate flew up & over my head as I put my face to my hands & turned away from the oven. I walked away, unhurt, w/slightly singed shoe laces!
Stephen said, "Mom, God must be watching over you!". I whole-heartily agree. All praise to God for his divine protection in such a situation as this!!
More good news is that one of the guys on the team is a heating/cooling tech & he was able to repair a part on the stove that blew off. Also, the cake was baked & the birthday happily celebrated today :) One more time, praise the Lord!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Family Update

It's been awhile, again.
December was a busier month than usual for us. We had alot of different kinds of guests staying with us as well as getting our house ready to move into before the next MTM team was due to arrive January 7th.
One of the great blessings that we have living in our guest house is that we get to meet lots of interesting people & make new friends from litterally all over the world. One such family came to Haiti all the way from Saudi Arabia! Jordan & David became fast friends as Jordon & his family came to meet the twins that they are adopting from our freind Rachel (Rivers of Hope). The Barron family are actually from Australia, living & working in Saudi for just a couple more years.

No pictures this round, but it is a definate that we are now moved into our new home. Our first night was new years' day..what a way to start the new year! It's been relaxing (when there is time to relax!) having our own place to "come home to" when teams are here to work with us. We moved the cats down (Fannie & her offspring, Gustava), but Fannie hBoldas decided that she likes the guest house is her home. We'll get some pictures up for you soon.
It's time to go pick up the boys from school so I'll report more later. For now, God bless each of you as you begin this journey into the new year!

Saturday, November 22, 2008


I've not blogged on our personal blog for a while & that has made me realize that I've not taken pictures of the boys for a while either.
If you stay up on the Mountain Top Ministries blog, you can see some of what we've been doing.
Tonight, it's just for fun, so, here we go...
  • I don't understand why I can't get anyone in Canada or the Midwest to feel sorry for me recently. It really has been cold here in our part of Haiti. The clouds have hovered over the mountains for the last 3 days with drizzling rain & very little to no sun. The low so far has dipped into the high 50's. No folks, it's not 17 degrees & there's no snow, but wow! in a block house it sure is chilly!
  • Wednesday night David had math that he just couldn't get..kind of one of those attitude things. In my frustration I sent him to bed, we were both done. He left fighting tears & by the time he got into bed he was mad. I talked him down from that real quick. Before I turned in for the night I made my nightly momma rounds & when I checked on David I shook him & asked if he was still mad at me. "Yes, but I'm getting over it!", was his reply through a forced straight face.
  • I enjoyed having Stephen with me today as I worked at the MTM Laboule Children's Home. He didn't do much in the storage room, but he really takes an interest in & enjoys interacting with the children. I likened him to his brother Casey. Though they are both unique individuals, they are both happiest when helping & being with others.
  • This month was Casey's last drill for the Illinois National Guard as his commitment has been fulfilled & he has chosen not to re-enlist. He will move on to find a full time job & take classes online to finish up his associates degree. His girl, Sarah, is teaching 5th grade & coaching basketball.

Ok, that's all for now. Willem, Stephen & David have left me home alone tonight while they are off to Saturday soccer. Good quiet time! Blessings to you all & thanks for your prayers.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Yup, the day has come for him to be 41!
I'm not sure he was real impressed with the "Kitty Litter Cake", but he was willing to be a good sport & have the first taste :)
We all know how Willem loves cat!

Probably one of the best birthday gifts was for our close friend & one of our finest workers in Gramothe to deliver a healthy baby girl the evening before Willem's birthday.
Mom & baby are doing well.

Madame Stephen with her new baby. She is now mother of Frantz (16), Stephanie (13) & now this little one who is yet to be named.
Praise the Lord!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

What are the Charles boys up to?...

David has been making vulcanoes to display for everyone. A little experiement that he learned at school that he couldn't resist showing everyone. Sure beats his detirmination to show everyone the flame he can make with hand sanitizer!
Oh yes, & let's not forget about the tadpoles that are happily going through the process of metamorphasis on our back porch!

Stephen has a new interest. He is detirmined to be the sound man at church since we've just gotten a new sound system with a sound board (see more at
I may be partial, but I think he's a good lookin' sound man-sharp!

You know, God is certainly good to provide all that we need. Not just the material things, peace, grace & all that other spiritual stuff, but also examples.
We have loved our recent freinds/guests that are staying with us as they spend time with the daughter that they are adopting from Haiti. However, this week there have been 3 girls in our home, 2 are 10 yrs. old & 1 is 7 & on some days their 4 year old sister is with them in the house. These girls have kept my boys in "permenant eye roll" allowing them to see what they've "missed" by not having sisters! It is fun to watch.

Speaking of lessons, thank God David is seeing, at a very young age, why it is important to be careful who you choose to hang around with. Five 2nd grade boys got to write lines in the detention hall at school yesterday for "flooding" the boys' bathroom (Stephen said it really wasn't flooded~he's trying to take up for his little brother!). It has been confirmed by the teacher that David was a standby accomplice, but still...
parent teacher conferences are next Friday. If only David can not get any notes home until then, I will be brave enough to face his teacher!
Advantages: David is a great student & does well with his studies. His teacher also told me that when David gets into trouble, he knows what he did wrong. I guess that counts for something!
I still love my boys (all 3 of them!).

Praise the Lord!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

What do some of the Charles family do on a Saturday afternoon?...

Saturday morning around the Charles home starts kind of early for the boys...

Yes, that's their dad's guitar waiting his arrival to get his Saturday morning lesson too.
"Watch" (our yellow dog) is there to do his!
Did I say, "Relax?". Well, for young Mr. David, last Saturday found him a bit of time to relax in his newly made "bed".

We were grateful to bring David's teacher up here to the mountains to get away from the city heat. We had fun eating taco salad, hiking, riding horses & playing with the kittens. She took "Hannah" home with her & one of her co-workers chose "Ike". That leaves "Gustav" to help look over the Charles home!

Everyone is excited about the progression of our new home. I'll try to get some pictures up here soon for all to see!